Why People Gamble?

Relatives or or friends often ask this question because they do not understand why gamblers let themselves and the loved ones experience such pain and misfortune. Why gamblers sometimes might create social or family problems, why not they just stop, and then will be happy a little? A similar question is why some people do not develop these problems, and their limited ability, but also go to gamble? Does this show signs of weakness? Or can not cope with stress? However, the truth of the problem is not so simple. Gambling problems are often considered to be completely out of the control of the individual, and “just stop” is not a reasonable option.

In addition, many people find themselves unable to explain why they continue to gamble, despite the problems that gambling poses to their daily lives. The most obvious answer is because of “money”, but you may challenge yourself here: will you spend more of your earned money on gambling when you win? Will you continue to gamble until you have only a little money left or no money?

Any entertainment can effectively transfer stress, sadness or troubles of life, but it can also have a negative effect, when the transfer is stopped, but the beginning is a way to cope. This is because ignoring the problem does not make the problem go away. Using gambling to escape problems produces bigger problems, less money, problems for family and friends.

Why is so Difficult to Stop Gamble?

People with gambling problems often ask themselves why they just can’t stop. Even if there are no drugs or other substances in gambling, problem gambling is classified as drug and alcohol addiction in the psychiatric literature. Gambling is an addiction,and there are some of the same characteristics in terms of brain activity, because addiction explains why just trying to stop is sometimes not enough to make it happen.This also explains why although you want to stop gambling, many people will still try to control their gambling, and before success or must try many times to quit gambling. This also explains why, just like other types of addiction, some people are still vulnerable to future gambling rebound issues.