Global Focus: Macau Casino “Faded Glory”

Some people think that the crowd is reduced, the atmosphere in general, the interest is greatly reduced; some people think that the casino less people,the atmosphere is deserted, but do not squeeze, feel good. A Macau gambler Mr. Li is in retirement age, there is no stable work, just for some entertainment, mainly play slot machines, but now every few bits only one person to sit, the atmosphere in general, interest greatly reduced, admission more than an hour has decided to leave. As for the need to fill in the health declaration form at the time of admission, he thought it was a little “redundant”, as not everyone did not fill in the truth, that measuring body temperature and wearing a mask is sufficient.

Another Hong Kong travelers said, especially travel Macau with relatives to the casino, mainly in the bet amount of $300 croupier to play. There is a sense of casino traffic is less, the atmosphere is deserted,but do not crowd, feel good. Although the risk is high, but the Macao prevention system in place, before entering each place need to carry out body temperature measurement, there are many people on the street wear masks to prevent, feel at ease.